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How to Talk with Teenagers About Routines

Teenagers, especially, need structure to thrive. From developing a healthy relationship with their technology and social media, to getting enough sleep (they need 9 hours on average!), to developing strong study skills or applying to college, to practicing self-care and playing, to building a social life, they have a lot to manage!

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Quick Connection: The Power of Breath

Parents, caregivers, and supporters, I invite you to give this practice a try. Become aware of how it changes your own mood and energy as you face challenges in your own life. Then, notice how your breath can change, impact, and support the environment you facilitate with and for the children and teens in your life. Breath can be a powerful tool for talking to teenagers about the tough stuff!

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I’m Anxious. Now What?!

Two words that I hear often from my clients are "I'm anxious." I’ve written before on Talking to Teenagers About Mental Health, and because this topic is worthy of occupying space and needs to be destigmatized, I'm revisiting it. Keep reading for 35 Healing Tools for Times of Anxiety and Depression.

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