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Teens and Young Adults

Courtney works directly with tweens, teens, and young adults who are ready to grow their confidence, own their voices, develop resilience, and thrive, not just survive, these transitional years. Coaching offers teenage clients the invaluable time and space to explore their inner and outer worlds and to show up in empowered ways.


Parents of tweens, teens, and young adults who work with Courtney are supported in developing strong family communication, consistent self-care practices, and actions that honor and nourish growth for self and child. Parenting coaching brings peace and ease into this often challenging and rapidly-changing time in parenthood.

Workshops and Events

Courtney co-creates special events with groups of tweens, teens, young adults, and parents. She delivers heart-centered, tailor-made workshops in person and online. Workshops invite participants into the time and space to recharge, refill, learn, and grow in community. 

I’m continually impressed and inspired by Courtney and how she presents herself and her work. She is clear, engaged, thorough, and thoughtful and she offers a WEALTH of resources, inspiration, and support. I am so happy I found her when I did, just as my daughter was entering the tween years. She has been a huge source of support and my experience of parenting my daughter has improved so much as a result of our work. I feel 100% confident (this is big) sending friends, clients, and students her way.

-Kelly L.

The Power of Partnership:

What Clients are Saying

Courtney met with my mother daughter group to lead a discussion about friendship. It was a lovely few hours, filled with honest conversation about what we expect from our friends, what we want to give and sharing experiences both good and bad. I felt like everyone (girls ages 9-11, plus the moms) came away feeling heard and having a little more empathy. It felt like a very positive way to set the stage for more learning and support for our daughters around such a tricky topic.

Working with Courtney was an wonderful experience. She is incredibly profesional and caring, she was of great support to our family helping our son through the difficulties of being an introverted kid, in a new school environment, after an international move, on his Junior year. She showed him many tools and strategies to help him appreciate change, become more organized, communicate his concerns, and even though it is a slow process, I do believe that her support was invaluable at the time. As parents, we felt guided and supported as well. We will continue working with Courtney in the future if the need arises, because we feel that she is an extraordinary human being.

Courtney is a wonderful influence on both of my daughters. She is loving, creative, respectful, and a problem-solver. She never talks down to my girls and treats them with the same respect and kindness she shows adults. She guides them with appropriate boundaries and excellent modeling of the kind of person I hope my kids grow up to be.

Courtney has a magical way to communicate with kids. After working with Courtney, my daughter is aware of how she feels and she talks about it. This helps us work as a team as we navigate the sometimes dark waters of being a tween girl. Courtney will help you create a loving, peaceful communication flow with the most important people on Earth: your children.

Courtney’s coaching abilities were honed in the classroom where I watched her help troubled students and their families through the difficult trials of adolescence and high school. I’ve seen how her care and expertise has enabled kids to express feelings and share issues and thereby work toward resolving them. She’s helped me with my own daughter who suffers from social anxiety and I’ve seen how I’ve opened up with her coaching and it has strengthened my relationship with my daughter. I recommend her to anyone who wants their kids to be successful.

Discovering Courtney and participating in the discussions she leads has been a positive influence in my relationship with my 15 year old daughter. Since I committed to bi-monthly calls with Courtney, her passion for facilitating a better, day to day experience for my daughter and I is like having a personal, consciousness, Energizer bunny running in the background of my life. Working with Courtney reminds me to stay engaged in my efforts to grow as a parent and to be more aware of the issues impacting my teenager’s life – we often forget what that was like. The Sunday conversations have created opportunities to reframe my interactions with my daughter in more constructive ways and they give me a safe space to talk through my concerns or issues as a parent. Courtney is great about listening and then following up with useful tools that are personal to the challenges I am facing. Although there are always many factors involved in a relationship, I’ve noticed an easier experience with my teenager, even if its only because my daughter recognizes on a conscious or unconscious level that my continued efforts with Courtney indicate my commitment to being a good father to her.

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