Support, Mentorship, Accountability

Individualized Coaching for Teens, Young Adults, and their Parents.
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Tweens, teens, and young adults work towards deep self-awareness and empowered action in their rapidly changing lives.

1:1 sessions help teenage and young adult clients gain:

  • Knowledge of their habits, patterns, and preferences;
  • Curiosity for exploring their inner and outer worlds
  • Courage to use their voice in intentional ways;
  • Confidence to share their unique gifts with their friends, family, and communities;
  • Skills for communicating in kind, effective ways;
  • Support in making decisions and taking agency in their lives.

During a coaching relationship, Courtney typically facilitates weekly 50-minute sessions with the client.

Throughout the week, both parent and child can reach out to Courtney for unlimited support, tools, and problem-solving via e-mail or video chat.

Beginning a Coaching Relationship

  1. The first step of this journey is a 30-minute Discovery Call. We will talk about what your family life is like at current, your interest in coaching, and the services I provide as a coach. On this call, we will both explore whether we are a good fit for one another. This process requires that we both invest time and energy, and the $30 session fee is representative of this exchange. For potential teen clients, this call is typically with the parent(s) or caregiver(s). Please reach out if I can clarify further.
  2. After a Discovery Call, parents can invest in a one-time Meet and Greet session for their tween, teen, or young adult as the next step in determining fit and building the partnership.
  3. Next, Courtney and the family will determine the type of services to be provided.

Services are offered online for families who live anywhere. 

Courtney embodies the qualities of compassion and wisdom. She has been a huge support for our teenage daughters this year. Her attentive listening, kind suggestions and ability to empower them to own their decisions has led to some very positive shifts for our girls. Not only is she a great support for our daughters, she's been a wonderful resource for us as parents; providing insight and methods around communication that have been invaluable. It's no secret the teenage years can be challenging, but since working with Courtney there has been a softening within our family that has brought less stress and more joy. We highly recommend Courtney. 🙂
Leanna G

Parents of teens receive support and connection with their teen through 1:1 parenting coaching with Courtney.

Parenting sessions help clients gain:

  • New ideas and fresh perspective for parenting;
  • Communication tools and strategies for the tough teen years;
  • Accountability and ideas for self-care;
  • Empowered problem-solving techniques for their home and family
  • Mindfulness practices that encourage peace and ease through the parenting journey.
graphic that says "an invitation to contribute to the community coaching fund. love, courtney harris coaching."
In an effort to make my work accessible to anyone who wants support through the teen, young adult, and parenting years, I have started a Community Coaching Fund. The monies collected in this fund are used to offer scholarships to folks who could not otherwise afford coaching services. Additionally, these funds are used to support BIPOC, trans, and queer educators and healers. Thank you for considering!

If you would like to access the Community Fund, please contact me directly!

Communication is one of the biggest takeaways I learned from my experience with Courtney. Courtney is amazing! She is so compassionate and understanding. She was a great coach:)
Isabella R.

Courtney partners with organizations, PTOs/ PTAs, and other organized groups to create workshops and events that serve teens, parents, and fellow family and parenting professionals. Get in touch to bring high-value information and experiences for connection to your community! 

Courtney has presented at the following conferences and events:

  • We Are Girls Austin 2017 and 2018
  • We Are Girls Houston 2018
  • WE Con 2018
  • Hill Country Middle School Fit Fest 2018 and 2019
  • Austin Family Counseling
  • RE Round Up at St. Thomas More Parish
  • Local Girl Scout Troops
  • National Podcasts and Summits about parenting, family, and wellness. 

Workshops Include (but are not limited to):

  • Friendship from the Heart for Tweens and Teens
  • Be Your Best Without the Stress for Tweens and Teens
  • Celebrating You! Self-Love for Tweens and Teens
  • Family Community Building Practices
  • Alternative Conflict Management: Restorative Solutions
  • Talking to Teens: Communication Strategies for Parents
  • Self-Care for Parents and Caregivers
  • Building Family Time Together through Heart Mapping
  • Restorative Practices for Family Counseling
  • Self-Care for Parenting Professionals
  • Teens and Tech

To inquire about Courtney’s availability for speaking engagement and workshops, please contact Courtney.