Court is wearing overalls and an orange tank top with rainbow glasses. They are making a silly smile and standing in tree post with hands on their hips.

Meet Courtney​

Courtney or “Court” (they/them) is a skilled, compassionate coach who has supported teens and families since 2008. As a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Parenting Coach Academy trainer, Courtney utilizes experiential activities to guide parents through their ongoing process of being in relationship with their child. With a background in secondary education, creative writing, and social and emotional learning and a master’s degree in special education, Courtney’s approach with tweens, teens, and young adults integrates empathy, accountability, and creativity. Courtney has mentored over 1000 teenagers in their journey of finding their voice and sense of self.

During their teenage years, Courtney struggled to find their inner locus of control. They turned, instead, to the outside– to grades, boyfriends, social status, and people-pleasing– for affirmation. During these transitional years of life, Courtney often felt lost and broken.

Courtney’s own personal development and healing have called them back into the space of adolescence. Their experience of not feeling “enough” as a teen inspired and motivated Courtney to support young people in their individual journeys towards empowerment. EVERYONE deserves to know and appreciate their true power starting in childhood.

This transformational work impacts entire family systems, and since their first year as an educator, Courtney has created space for all young people to feel affirmed, supported, and seen.

If you are feeling lost or stuck, Courtney is here to help you find the path back into communication, connection, and trust. 

Courtney also serves birthing people of all ages as a companion for birth and beyond. Find out more about their birth work here