Core Values and Commitments

My core values inform the work I do in my personal and professional life. This document is my best effort to put the complex ideas and truths of my heart, mind, and body into words on a screen. This is a living document, something I will return to, expand upon, clarify, and live more deeply into over time. I share these values with the intention of holding myself and my community accountable to transparency, growth, and genuine discourse.

A note on language: I use the word “you” to speak directly to the folks who are interacting with my work. I also use the word “we” because I am right there with you in this journey of life and learning. Finally, I use “I statement” because I can only speak to and from my own experiences.


Everything is emergent. I do not use a curriculum in my coaching space; this is not one-size fits all work. I do not tell you where you need to go and how you need to grow; instead I honor your already existing wholeness and your unique journey. New skills, ideas, energy, and possibilities will emerge over time, both inside and outside of the coaching container. As a space holder, I too am growing and experiencing my own process of emergence. The term “unfolding” is one that resonates deeply with me. I believe that we are always in process, and we are always unfolding new layers of our beautiful, complex wholeness.

Everyone has valuable existing literacies. I believe that everyone brings unique gifts to the world, to their family, and to the coaching relationship. The language and tools you already know and have are valuable. I will support you in naming these and building upon them if and when this feels right. The skills, interests, and tools you arrive with are important. Remember, you are arriving here whole already. I pledge to use an asset-based approach with clients, peers, colleagues, and collaborators.

Self-determination is a right. Your sense of self is valid. You are who you say you are. The ways you describe yourself and the language you use to do so are true. I value each person’s autonomy, and I commit to respecting and celebrating you in your YOUness. 

Interdependence is vital. As stated above, self-determination and autonomy are valuable. AND we need other people. I will support you in naming and/or developing the ways you live into interdependence in fulfilling and healthy ways. Interdependence can take many forms and names, including by not limited to relationships (IRL and virtual), support systems, community, and mutual aid and care. I will do my part to maintain generative relationships with clients, peers, colleagues, and collaborators.

Anti-oppression is for and about everyone. I am committed to anti-racist, LBGTQIA+-affirming, and inclusive practices that contribute to my emerging understanding of equity and justice. It is my responsibility to continue my personal unlearning of white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, misogyny, ableism, environmental disregard, and all other systems of oppression and colonization. I invite you to join me in using and developing a crucial lens to consider systems of oppression and privilege, both inside and outside of the coaching space. A minimum of 5% of all standard coaching fees go to the Coaching Community Fund; these monies are used to offer scholarships to folks who could not otherwise afford coaching services. Additionally, these funds are used to support BIPOC, trans, and queer educators and healers. 

Business is for the people. I do the work I do because I am called, I am skilled, and, most importantly, I believe that teens, young adults, and their families are precious. The care and consideration of youth and families is essential for our healing and growth. I am committed to doing business in ways that value the time, energy, and intelligence of all humans. Thus, I will not “market,” “make sales,” or address clients in ways that are exploitative, forceful, or deficit-based. I strive to maintain a community fund and offer sliding scale services because I believe in access. I will pay, learn from/with, collaborate with, and feature other business owners who are also committed to equity and justice.


This document and the ideas captured here have been inspired by many people, ideas, and movements including, but certainly not limited to:


I live and work on the land of the Tonkawa, Comanche, and Lipan Apache
nations in what is now called Austin, TX. Explore your own land acknowledgement here.