Hitting Refresh: Reflections for Parents of Teenagers (Workbook)


Parents of tweens, teens, and young adults often share that they feel “like a failure.” They are afraid they’ve lost their child or ruined the relationship. This sense of disconnection can be isolating. The truth is, the teen years can be a tough developmental stage for parents and children alike – and that’s okay.

There are a lot of how-to’s on the www, your friends can give you allllll the advice, AND you might still feel stuck as you navigate the role of parenting a teen.

This workbook offers you the chance to hit refresh and reflect on your process.

You hold so much knowledge within you already, and this is an invitation to acknowledge your current and ever-changing relationship to parenting, and to renew your perspective of this relationship. This offering is a self-paced, downloadable and printable, 68-page experience that you can return to again and again.