Courtney Harris Coaching is about connected hearts.

Connected Heart is ready to know and love Self, open to engaging with others, and willing to be in community.

Coaching is an individualized service that invites you– teen or parent– to develop your Connected Heart. You are supported in getting out of old patterns that aren’t serving you, meeting your goals, and taking actions to create intentional transformation.

As your coach, Courtney acts as a guide and a mirror, giving you the opportunity to see yourself and the world honestly and lovingly as you explore new perspectives and possibilities.

The coaching relationship is a co-created partnership in which you and Courtney share energy and connect at the heart level. While Courtney facilitates the sessions and holds space for you, it is truly your needs, desires, observations, and openness that create life-changing shifts.

Together I help your teen explore:

  • Knowing oneself more deeply.
  • Being heard and being seen.
  • Growing accountability to Self.
  • Connecting with Self, others, and community.
  • Reaching goals that inspire you.
  • Developing self-care and self-love.
  • Believing that you are enough as you are.
  • Finding routines that serve you and bring you connection.
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