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Holiday Reminders for YOU and Your Family!

Happy Holidays, friends!

May this time of year, the end of 2018, and the beginning of 2019 be an invitation to connect with yourself, one another, and your community.

Some people love the holidays; others struggle during this season. Some holiday seasons are easy, restful, and fun. Others are full of grief, exhaustion, and stress. Because life is complex, challenging, and beautiful.

There is room for ALL of this, and this means, there is space for YOU to be exactly how you are.

As you go out into the world and interact with others, remember that you are doing your best, as is everyone around you. I invite you to treat yourself and one another with sensitivity and compassion during this busy, transitional season. And, I invite you to be present and honor whatever comes up in this interesting, complex human experience.

Take a moment…

Stop. Breathe. Feel.

Notice the quality of your mind, your body, and your heart. 

No matter how you are experiencing this moment, remember:

– You are loved!

– It’s your choice how you spend your day. Make choices that serve you.

– You are allowed to leave early if you’re tired or over it. Really.

– It’s always okay to take a walk to create peace or to move energy. Try it!

– It’s totally acceptable to take a 10-minute “bathroom break” just to breathe or write a quick journal note on your phone.

– You can spend today reading or watching a movie if you want to.

– Your day shouldn’t look like anyone else’s, so forget about what you’re seeing on social media. You and your family are enough as you are!

Difficult conversations are part of the process of growth. Keep breathing!

– It’s normal to feel out of sync if you’ve traveled or changed routine or have company or have children on winter break. Be patient with yourself and your family.

– There is no perfect way to have to be or have a family. Trust and enjoy the process you and your family are co-creating.

Again…  Stop. Breathe. Feel. 

Happy New Year, friends. I wish you so much love, connection, and happiness.

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