Talking Sticks and Sharing Circles

"I decided to bring the idea of the Sharing Circle into our family – as a way to share what is on our minds, to solve problems and to come to decisions. In order for everyone to have equal opportunity in being heard, I felt we would all need representation on our Talking Stick."

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Talking to Teenagers… About Romantic Relationships

Uh oh, did this title cause you to tense up a bit in your chest? Did your shoulders creep up towards your ears? And... did you have a strong desire to keep reading? You are not alone. Keep reading for 7 ways to talk to teenagers about boundaries and romantic relationships.

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Talking to Teens… About Friendship

Friendship is complex, just like family relationships. There are many layers of needs, preferences, pressures, expectations, and ambiguities to navigate. I have 5 strategies for talking to teens about friendship. These drive meaningful dialogue and invite your teen to develop their sense of empowerment.

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3 Ways of Getting Out of an “I Can’t” Belief

What does the moment of "I can't" look like for you? Having a tough afternoon, day, or week, is normal; it’s a part of the human experience! It’s a normal part of being a parent and leading your family. It’s a normal part of being a teen and searching for your place in the world. Yet, our society has trained us to hide or ignore emotions. We are often taught to disconnect from our emotions, to disregard them, or to hide them. Being with our sensations in intentional, compassionate ways enables and empowers us to move towards healing and personal growth. Try these 3 Ways of Getting Out of an "I Can't" Belief.

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