A Three-Step Process for Exploring Big Emotions, “Shoulds,” and Limiting Beliefs

I’m excited to share a three-step process for exploring big emotions, “shoulds,” and limiting beliefs and invite you to use writing and drawing to work through this practice. This work of personal development and self-expression is a necessary form of self-care for you as a parent or caregiver (and for your rapidly developing teens).

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Honoring Your Needs in 2018: Questions for Teens and Parents

Today, I’m offering my personal meditation on 2017, an account of navigating (and thriving in) the world as a highly sensitive, empathic, and introverted person. My personal practice is very similar to (and, in fact, informs) the ways I teach and coach, especially when I have the opportunity to serve teens or parents with needs similar to mine.

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Talking to Teenagers… About Mental Health

The stories of my students and clients often mirror my own experiences as a teenager, and I’m confident that continued conversation is crucial to healing and the end of stigmatization on an individual and societal level. Dialogue about mental health deserves space, awareness, and safety. Use these strategies to support conversation about mental health with your teen.

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