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Real Talk for Teens: How to Use Skin Care as Self-Care

Law student turned entrepreneur, Rekha is the creator of RAEKA Beauty. Her inspiration stems from coping with the loss of her grandmother through product creation using her grandmother’s remedies which led her to discover her purpose for New Generation Ayurveda based skincare. She turned her passion into a mission to support underprivileged women in India with a stable environment to be empowered while pushing modern Ayurvedic ingredients to the forefront of the beauty industry. 

Growing up is a journey of discovering yourself. As a teenager, this is the time when you are on the verge of adulthood, and you may become more aware of your appearance. In the process, you may find yourself experimenting with everything from makeup, beauty, skin care, and more! It can be overwhelming so you try, you fail, and then you try again. 

Ultimately, life is all about embracing what you already have and letting it shine through.  Here are a few simple skin care tips that can be part of your self-care and self-love toolbox.

1. A moment with yourself

Look at yourself in the mirror and practice a positive affirmation. Spend a few moment appreciating and really seeing yourself. As an entrepreneur, I have to really stay focused and not let stress get me down. What helps is to start my day reflecting in the mirror. I affirm everything I already am and practice gratitude for everything I have. Whatever else comes my way that day is just extra icing on the cake.

2. Cleansing

Begin your skin care routine with cleansing. Specifically, use a mild cleanser to wash your face thoroughly at least twice a day–once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Always massage up a lather with gentle strokes going in a circular motion before washing. Try the Golden Froth cleanser for a refreshing and gentle wash! This is a great time to do a gratitude check-in. 

3. Toning

Once your face is clean, follow up with toning. I recommend a good quality, mild toner. You can spray directly on your face or apply with a cotton ball. Toner opens up the clogged pores. Additionally, this is also a great time to tune in to your breath. Take a deep breath in and then release. Do this a few times while you allow your skin to breathe. Just a few intentional breaths will help your mind relax, de-stress, and increase mindfulness.

4. Skin Polishing

I recommend polishing your face once a week with a gentle scrubber. This skin care routine helps you get rid of the dead skin cells and promotes cell regeneration. While most scrubs can be harsh, you can find one of the most gentle scrubs which has a creamy texture with light walnut and oat granules here. Take plenty of time to polish your face and body. You may give a little extra love and attention to your shoulders, back, and chest. All the while, focus on how it feels to offer your body this time and attention. 

5. Face Mask

roses with tube of turmeric mask on top

Once a month, it’s helpful to add a gentle peel-off mask to your skincare ritual. Masks allow your skin to rejuvenate naturally by gently removing the top layer of dead skin cells.  A big bonus of peel-off masks: You can always use it as a nose strip to rid of blackheads! Use a product that is low in alcohol content to prevent drying out your pores like a turmeric based peel-off mask. While you sit and allow your mask to dry, what activity can you do to offer yourself some space to slow down? I personally love reading or listening to music. Remember that these small moments of slowing down are self-care; in fact, any act that helps you refuel and feel like your best self is self-care.

6. Hydrate

After cleansing, toning, or using a face mask, apply a lightweight moisturizer. Hydration prevents your skin from drying out and brings out your natural glow. Again, as you massage your face, you can really look yourself in the eyes. You might offer yourself a message you really need to hear today. Perhaps it’s “You are a badass,” “You are gorgeous,” or “You are ready for the day.” 

7. Moisturize Your Lips

Do this as frequently as you can. This helps you avoid dryness. Remember not to lick, pick, or peel your lips, as this will all result in chapped lips! Note: Avoid Lipstick on chapped lips, as it tends to add to the dryness. Instead, go for a hydrating tinted lip balm.

All of these routines are just routines. However, they become self-care practices and help you offer yourself love and compassion when you slow down and tune into yourself. 

For me, these simple rituals allow me to take care of myself and help me keep a clear head that guides me throughout my day. By loving me, I am able to love others. 

Do your best to keep a positive mindset on skin care. We are often harsh on ourselves and our skin. Be gentle with yourself, even if it’s not “Instagram ready” (because let’s be honest: so much out there is filtered or Photoshopped).  Focus on your inner confidence and happiness because THIS will shine through to other people. Through that alone, you are making your imprint on the world.

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