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How to Feel REALLY Ready for College: A Guide for High Schoolers

Hannah Lassiter, A.A & B.A, is currently attending Lenoir Rhyne University. Upon graduating as a Psychology and Sociology major she desires to take a gap year before pursuing her Master’s Degree. She is very passionate and driven to be successful in her life, career, and calling. Her dream career is one where she is able to excel using her greatest gifts and acquired skills, and also in which she is serving others and contributing to society in a very meaningful way.  In 2018 Hannah graduated from Hertford County Early College High School with her Associate Degree in Arts.

Just a month after graduating from early college high school she founded MentorshipRevolution, which is a sole proprietorship whose mission is to help sustain minds and lives in the 21st century and beyond. From there Hannah also began her own website and blog, and now she is also the host of The MR Podcast, which is an extension of MentorshipRevolution. Since beginning college, Hannah has worked as a course assistant, ambassador, and has been a leader on the debate team for her school. She has traveled to several states debating, speaking, and experiencing culture/diversification. Her hobbies consist of solving sudoku and crossword puzzles, writing, poetry, reading, watching YouTube videos, and maintaining her spiritual connection with God. 

Imagining Your High School Graduation

Imagine… You are almost at the end of the road. The last 9 months of being a senior in high school have already come and gone that fast. It seems like just yesterday you were planning and organizing for your final year in high school- looking forward to closing an old chapter in your life. High school is a chapter that you will likely never forget; hopefully, it was full of joy, memories, tears, laughter, friendship, and growth. Yes, there were challenges and struggles, but you did it! 

High school graduation may bring up a flood of emotions and feelings; this is normal! As you make this transition and turn 18 society will consider you an adult. You will be afforded many opportunities and freedoms, but this shift also holds the expectation that you will be a good citizen who contributes to making the world a much better place on many levels. In other words, you are about to enter a new chapter and the smooth transition from high school to life as a college student is only beginning.

As you prepare to graduate from high school and enjoy the final days of being a senior, please relish every moment. Life after high school will be a fresh breath of air for you! It is your time to begin seeing life, yourself, and the world in a different light. Prepare to take advantage of the new position you are in and aim to go as far as your mind and heart desires; create a life that is more than ordinary.

Preparing for Life After High School

First of all, preparing for life after high school is a crucial element for your success. For example, I started preparing for life after high school in the tenth grade (around the age of 15). Today, I honestly advise teenagers to start considering plans for your future as early as middle school. I find that maturity and mindset play a major role in the preparation phase, but if you find yourself capable of doing so, stay years ahead in the game of life. However, it’s never too late to get started! 

In preparing for life after high school some of us are thinking about going to college. Since we were little people, college has been spoken about, encouraged, and painted as the best option for those who dream of becoming successful and wealthy individuals. I found this theory true for me, but please consider all of your options

What seems the most natural and happiest route for you? If college doesn’t align with your future plans, then consider what does. Are you interested in starting an internship immediately after high school or maybe you are ready to begin looking for jobs that you qualify for and feel most interested and skilled in? These are very big decisions that you are making for the first time in your life.

For me, preparing for college was so fun! All throughout your junior and senior year of high school is the ample opportunity to conduct research, visit campuses, network, build your skill base and begin financial planning. Therefore, as the time nears for your first day as a college student you will be very confident, self-assured, and ready to begin an entirely new phase in your life. 

No matter the path you are choosing, make sure to seek guidance, mentorship, and knowledgeable individuals (friends/family) who can assist, help, support, and be there to cheer you on every step of the way. This is not the time in your life to feel lonely, helpless, hopeless, or incompetent. 

Yes, life after high school will feel like the scary and unpredictable start of something new, but still, you should know you are fully supported and able to build a life and career that is stable and full of meaning (and you are driving this vehicle, by the way).

How to Prepare for College

1.     Decide which colleges/universities you want to attend most.  Consider factors such as: location, scholarship options, majors offered, In this particular case make sure you are meeting often with your high school guidance counselor all throughout your senior year of high school.

2.   Choose a major and define all the reasons why you are choosing this particular major. A major is what you will study (specific subject) in all the years you attend college. It usually aligns with your dream job/career, interests, skills, and what field you desire to work and grow in the most.

3. Take an honest look at your needs. Consider things like transportation, costs, support-system, location. Then, create a plan for how these very important needs will be provided for and sustained.

4.     Seek out advice, knowledge, and advanced learning opportunities. Vow to spend high school trying new things, maturing in mindset, and celebrating who you have become.

5.     Make amends with your GPA. Go to school every single day, attend classes, take notes, meet with your teachers, and take your academic life very seriously. This will also be a predictor of your ability to thrive in college as well!

6.     Take breaks often. Self-help, self-love, and self-care is still fundamental to your health. It isn’t wrong to de-stress, relax, and lay back. This is actually a positive life habit to create and maintain.

7.     Seek out research, books, and other resources on the career and/ or college you are interested in. This is very important in the transition from high school to college (or whatever direction you desire to move forward in your career). Meaning that as a young adult try to use your time to learn, travel, serve, help, and contribute to society in a meaningful way. Take advantage of what can very well be some of the best years in your life and youth!

I wish you well on your transition from high school to college or career! Envision yourself and your life five years after high school. Where do you see yourself? What does your life feel like? Hold this vision in mind as you take each step forward.

An Invitation for You

As a young adult who graduated high school only two years ago, I completely understand the needs, concerns, and excitement you are feeling right now about your future. In 2018, I founded MentorshipRevolution (MR), a Mentorship Program that is designed to help others accomplish any life goals they have in mind. I believe any of us can be successful if we have a mentor that is able to work with us throughout the process, guide us throughout the process, as well teach us tools and techniques that are meant to be valuable for a lifetime.

I am offering any high school student in the transition phase a 30-minute meeting appointment completely free of charge! We are committed to offering affordable prices ($15 every 30-minute meeting/session). Please visit our website to become a member; membership is free and gives you access to MR content which will help you succeed, believe in the possibilities, and feel supported in any areas you need support the most.  Find us on FB, IG, and be sure to check out our podcast, which is available on all mainstream platforms. Finally, reach out directly if you have any questions. Please feel free to email us anytime!

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