How To Make Your Holidays Peaceful And Easeful

peaceful hands wearing mittens and holding a hot cup of coffee.

Do you find yourself doing, doing, doing and going, going, going in anticipation of upcoming holidays and events?

Parents I work with often share that the winter holidays typically feel like a race to the finish line. They describe feeling a constant need to DO MORE and that being able to relax into the present moment feels challenging, and often inaccessible.

No matter what your past holidays and celebrations have been like, and no matter where you fall on the spectrum of stress and ease as you anticipate the next event or holiday, intention-setting can be a powerful practice. Intentions will support you in staying clear and grounded both individually and as a family.

Intentions can serve as an anchor; it will support you in balancing your energy, especially when it comes to giving and receiving, doing and being.

5 days of Intention-Setting Guidance

I have created a super affordable, self-paced 5-day experience that helps parents and families set intentions that support them in having a peaceful and easeful holiday season. You’ll need just 15 minutes a day to dive into this process. Plus, this commitment costs less than a few trips to Starbucks and will offer you priceless moments of peace and ease.

During this experience, you will receive 5 days of intention-setting support with prompts, guided meditations, and more in your inbox.

Investment: $17 + 15-minutes a day for 5 days

To sign up:

1. Click the button below.
2. Follow the link to pay.
3. Look out for your Day 1 email. (Emails will be sent to the address that corresponds with your PayPal account)

*By signing up, you are also giving permission for your email address with be added to Courtney Harris Coaching’s email list

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