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Parenting with Confidence and Clarity through Soul Language

Laura Greco headshotLaura Greco is a certified Soul Language Practitioner. She helps parents to Soulfully Parent – she guides parents to gain insight into themselves and their child through the Soul Language paradigm. Through the tools gained in working with Laura, parents develop new patterns of parenting which allow the old and no longer useful patterns and misconceptions to fall away. In its place, there is growing awareness of the Divine inner wisdom. Laura believes in getting to the root of matters and really ‘seeing’ one another. Once this takes place there is room for ease and peace. This shift and transformation allows individuals to parent from the heart and soul, so families thrive. 

Laura frequently initiates work with parents through interactive workshops and webinars. For parents who wish to experience deeper support, she offers one-on-one and group programs. Find out more on her website.


The Undercurrent of Questions

Often as parents, we appear as though we have it all together, and yet….secretly we are experiencing guilt and fear. Many parents I speak with are plagued with the undercurrent of questions such as:

  • Am I enough?
  • Am I providing enough?
  • Am I too much?
  • Am I doing this right?
  • And…Am I truly setting my kiddos up for success in life?

As you fall asleep or waking up, do you find your mind wandering to these disquieting thoughts?

I can honestly answer yes to this question! I raised a family, and I took my parenting seriously. I also was running my own business from home.

Educating myself in parenting was very important to me. I did not want to follow the patterns that I grew up with and was constantly striving to learn and find community that would allow me to create new patterns in my parenting…

I was embarking into new and uncharted territory for me and where there were no guarantees.

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What I Discovered Makes all the Difference

Eventually, I came to realize something rather simple and yet profound.

All the learning I did, (which was extremely helpful) was not going to be as effective until I learned this:

I needed to experience what it is to truly know, accept and, most importantly, to love one’s self!

It is when I began this “inner” journey, learning to fully engage, that I gained trust in myself and discovered that I have many of the answers that I did not realize I had.

There it is!

I came to see that if I was feeling lost and unknown, especially to myself, there was no way my children could pattern anything else.

I am their example.

And, we all know, a dry well does not provide water. And so it is with our children; we can not provide what we do not possess.

What matters most to our children is to be really seen, really heard and, really valued and loved for who they are as an individual.

Therefore, we (as parents) must be able to do this for ourselves first.


What Makes the Difference?

In short, it is learning to engage in a deeper level of conscious connection that makes all the difference.

This is the only way to gain true and grounded transformation that allows you to know peace and harmony in your life and in your family.

There are many avenues and modalities available today to achieve this. It requires effort, practice and time…

Yes, time (which you may feel you do not have)

However, it takes the “slowing down” of life to achieve the riches that are most valuable. Honestly, it is in the slowing down that allows for the speeding up! ( as amazing as this sounds)

Now, you may be asking why? It saves time! Conscious connection allows you to open up to clarity and confidence.

I use the paradigm called Soul Language in my personal life, and I provide the same to those who wish to truly enrich their own life as well as their family.

Through this paradigm, I have seen mommas gain clarity, deep acceptance and confidence in themselves, their children and in life, where there once was uncertainty, guilt, fear and lack of self-acceptance.

I have also observed the calming confidence that comes with a parent knowing the Soul Language of each of their children. It has been such a useful guide in parenting beyond labels and diagnoses. Parents gain an insightful read into situations not known before.  Soul Language addresses the energetic being of a person and switches the focus from what is lacking to the beautiful presence of each child.

Soul Language becomes a tool for parents to enrich experiences that apply directly to each child or teen and provide the roadmap for their lasting success.


What is Soul Language?

I have had the privilege to study with Jennifer Urezzio, the founder of this paradigm Soul Language. She offers the following description:

pink and ivory rose in full bloomFor centuries people have been searching to learn who they are, why they are here and what it all means. Soul Language gives you the tools to answer these questions in an accessible, relatable way. Soul Language is the expression of your true self and your essence. Your Soul contains the agenda of why you are here and what you have chosen to accomplish. Soul Language is the way you communicate that agenda. It’s how you think, speak, feel, relate, and express yourself in the world.

Soul Language is the key that teaches individuals how to participate consciously in their lives. You have the opportunity to connect with your Soul, let go of old patterns and beliefs, stop taking negative experiences so personally and start enjoying life more fully. Soul Language is a resource to help you do just that.

If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, please click this link and schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation. Additionally, you can email me with any questions.

In conclusion, I would love to have you leave this article knowing that you have what it takes to parent your child or teen into a successful and happy life. The answers are all there for you and it is a matter of you deepening your conscious connection and fully engaging with yourself and your Divine that will bring about the transformations that are lasting and open the door to tools that your children will use for a lifetime.

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