How To Set Intentions And Visions For 2019 And Beyond

How To Set Intentions And Visions For 2019 And Beyond

Last weekend, I facilitated a workshop for 8 girls in 6th and 7th grades. Together, we embarked on the journey of Setting Intentions and Visions for 2019! Decorations and favors pictured throughout this article were created by Party at Your Door, a company that creates custom, themed decorations for any kind of event or party. In this blog you will learn how to set intentions and visions for this year and beyond. These tools are for parents and youth alike, so as you read and feel inspired, remember that you can share this process with your entire family.

Why Do We Set Intentions and Visions?

Setting intentions and visions helps you live in the possibilities! When you take time to reflect and take stock of your life, you might recognize a sense of inspiration, a desire to think and dream big, or a knowing that growth is ahead. It is important to allow yourself time to imagine a wide range of possibilities for yourself.

For adults, in particular, this can be uncomfortable or challenging because, for many of us, self-limiting beliefs and fears (both rational and irrational) have been festering for years. That’s okay. I invite you to Stop. Breathe. Feel. and offer yourself compassion. These beliefs and fears are adaptations or ways you have tried to protect yourself through life’s ebbs and flows, challenges and successes. AND, there is great potential for you to grow new patterns starting today.

Furthermore, intention-setting and visioning support you in renewing your values and prioritizing your passions and interests. When you make time for these practices, you will, in turn, make time for the things, people, and goals you love.

What is an Intention?

Intentions are clear and simple declarative statements that draw your attention to your values and passions. These statements offer support and guidance along the journey of life. Some people think of intentions as an anchor, others might like the metaphor of a lighthouse. Intentions are not goals, as they are not attached to a specific outcome. Yet, intentions will support you on achieving your goals. Additionally, intentions help you appreciate the journey, and call you to notice the ways you already are exactly who and what you most want to be, just as you are. (Yes, there is a bit of psychological gymnastics happening here, AND it works!)

The most powerful intentions begin with “I am…” or “I…” This language, specifically, is crucial in helping you take ownership of each intention you set. These are a few intentions that workshop participants set: I am creative. I am organized. I have fun. I am peaceful.

Finding Your Intentions

I invite you to brainstorm freely as you begin the process of intention-setting for 2019:

  • What do you most want in your life? 
  • Who do you want to connect with? 
  • Where do you want to be/visit?
  • What do you want to be surrounded by?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • How do you want to feel?

Next, envision your “ideal” day. Perhaps you’d like to draw this or maybe you prefer to write it out. Spend 5 or so minutes allowing yourself to see and create your favorite day.

Does a particular word, phrase, image, theme, or feeling show up in both of these activities? Is there a word, phrase, image, theme, or feeling that is particularly moving to you? I invite you to sit with everything you have created and notice what feels most salient or inspiring for you. Then, write your intention (or a few) using “I am…” and “I…” statements.

Visioning Your Year Ahead

After brainstorming and setting intentions, it can be especially fun and potent to create a vision board. Vision boards are tools that help you name and focus on the intentions and goals you have for yourself. Moreover, when you place a vision board somewhere that you will see it each day, it can help you:

  • connect with your goals
  • maintain focus on what you most want and need
  • feel inspired
  • set boundaries when opportunities don’t align with your visions
  • celebrate your growth
  • practice gratitude

Your vision of yourself and your life is worthy of being named and documented. Perhaps you’d like like to create a board dedicated to a specific aspect of your life such as work, travel, family. On the other hand, you might like to see all of the aspects of your life represented on one board.

a collaged vision board

First, you’ll need a board. Poster board works, but I love how substantial foam board is. Then, let your vision live on the board! Personally, I love collaging, so I typically use magazine clippings of both images and words on my boards. As I sift through magazines, I am sometimes surprised to find new ideas or specific details to add to my vision. Other materials you might like to explore include photographs, printouts, stickers, glitter, markers, colored pencils, or other scrapbooking and craft supplies.

Additionally, as you create I invite you to consider:

  • How do you want to order or organize the parts of your vision?
  • How much space would you like to leave and where?
  • Do words or images (or both) most support your vision?
  • Do you prefer to add to the board as you find items? Or do you collect first and assemble last?

2019 and Beyond

The intention-setting and vision boarding process can take a few sessions. That’s okay! Honestly, my 2019 board took me more than a week to finish. I need several hours to collect before I even begin to glue ideas to my board.

This entire process can be reproduced in so many ways. In fact, you can even create new intentions for each month (or each week); you can create vision boards for your 5-year or 10-year goals. The options are limitless; thus, I invite you to trust your unique process and needs.

If you’d like guidance for this process or if you support is part of your intentions or vision, I invite you to reach out!

paper banner that says "from the heart" with hearts below it

Finally, if you are planning a party or event of any type, I encourage you to reach out to Party At Your Door for the sweetest, handmade decor and favors for any theme. For instance, my home was decorated with custom banners, confetti (which ended up on many vision boards), and centerpieces (which doubled as favors!). Follow them on IG for inspiration, too.

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