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Resources for Navigating the Time of Coronavirus

These have been emotional, trying, intense, confusing, and uncertain times. There is a lot to navigate right now– individually and collectively. Thus, I wanted to offer just *some* of the resources available to teens and young adults during this global crisis.

Most offerings are shared in this guide are “evergreen,” meaning you will have ongoing access. Date/time-specific offerings will be noted in the description. Additionally, most options are free of charge, unless otherwise noted.

If you know of additional resources, offerings, or tools that you think belong on this list, please reach out and share the relevant links! I will update this list regularly, so please consider it a living document. Thank you for being here, friends. You are loved and supported.

Mental Health Resources:

Relationships/Dating/Friendship Resources:

Academic/Learning Resources:

Self-Care Resources:

Creativity/Art/Entertainment Resources:

Movement/Exercise/Yoga Resources:

Ways to Help in Your Community:

Additional Guides to Consult:

This guide by Enriched Families includes additional information for families on how to GIVE + GET help during the time of COVID-19. 


Courtney Harris Coaching offers 1:1 life coaching services to tweens, teens, and young adults, as well as parenting coaching. Through the coaching process, clients are supported in getting out of old patterns that aren’t serving them, meeting goals, and taking actions to create intentional transformation. During COVID-19, Courtney is offering pay what you can sessions for families in need. Please contact us directly to get scheduled. Stay well, friends.

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