College, Here I Come!
An Online Community for High School Seniors

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The transition from high school to college can be an intense experience. Whether you will be leaving home or not, one chapter of your life is closing and a new one is beginning. Between academics, social life, extracurriculars, and pressures of the quickly-approaching adult life, life can feel beyond full as you anticipate the transition. On the other hand, it can all feel uninspired, robotic, and quite lonely. 

All of these experiences are real and valid, and, in my opinion, not given enough attention. It is my hope that with support and community, you will find a sense of confidence, self-compassion, and patience as you prepare for this transition. 

As I have talked with high school seniors and their parents, I have heard about many of the stressors and concerns you are facing. These are some of the things that might be on your mind or heart: 

  • Friendship— What will it be like to make new friends? Will I stay connected to my high school friends– if so, how?
  • Family— Do I want to stay in touch? If so, what do I want this to look like? How often will I visit home if I move away? Will things change while I’m away?
  • Time Management— There’s so much free time; what do I do with it?! AND there’s so much work; how will I manage it?!
  • Life with Roommates— What is it like to live with people who are not my family? Will I get along with them?
  • Money and Finances— Will I have a part-time job? Am I ready to manage my own money? 
  • Self-care and Stress Management— Will I have enough time to myself? Where? How? 
  • Drinking and Drugs— What boundaries will I hold for myself? What do I need to know about substances and parties?
  • Relationships, Dating, and Sex— How will relationships be different in college? What do I want/need when it comes to dating and sex?
  • Asking for Help + Navigating Resources— Where do I go for help? How can I do this without my family? 

What else is on your mind when you think of this upcoming transition?! (I am certain someone else is wondering the same thing!)

As an advocate and life coach for teens, I believe in normalizing the full range of human experiences (including all of those listed above) AND supporting young people in finding avenues for support. This is why I have created an online community specifically for YOU– high school seniors who are preparing for college. And because I really believe in you. So deeply.

This community will be a space for collective sharing, processing, support, and the sharing of ideas because you don’t have to do this alone. As you take the time to show up for yourself and this community, you will foster the skills of slowing down and checking in with yourself and one another– skills that contribute to sustainability and success today and in the future. Plus, we can laugh and have fun together; this kind of relating can bring a sense of ease to big life transitions. 

Yes, going to college is a big transition, AND it can be such a fun time of newness, growth, and expansion. You’re on this path for a reason (or a whole bunch of reasons); this community will offer you the space to reclaim these reasons and nurture trust in yourself.  Together, we will ask hard questions, engage in authentic dialogue, and explore practical tools. We won’t shy away from any topics because you deserve to go into next year feeling ready, like “College, here I come” ready! 

With support, facilitation, and mini-lessons from Courtney, members of this group will have the opportunity to try out new ideas and strategies. Additionally, you will have the space to problem-solve and ask for support– from Courtney and your peers– when new challenges or worries arise. Because they will. And because asking for help is a huge first step towards your success.

We will meet weekly (for 8 weeks) for 75 minutes via Zoom. This means you can connect from the comfort of your home.

Weekly sessions will include the following components: 

  • Centering/Arriving
  • Highlights/Challenges Check-in
  • Toolbox Share
  • Q/A and Processing Together
  • Closing

Each session, I will present and share on one of the topics listed above, as well as a handful of tools or strategies that I have seen teenagers in my practice utilize with success. I am drawing from 10 years of classroom teaching experience as a Special Education and Social and Emotional Learning Teacher, as well as my personal experience with mindfulness practices, therapy, coaching, journaling, and mindset creation. 

As the facilitator, I will be responsive to YOUR requests, challenges, and curiosities; thus, the tools we explore together will be tailored to the fluctuating and diverse needs of the group. This online group is not based on a scripted curriculum, and it will draw from a wide range of resources. 

What is Included in the Membership?

  • 1 Weekly 75-minute call for 8 weeks (beginning on Monday, March 30)
  • 1 Weekly Follow-Up Email with relevant links, videos, handouts, etc.
  • Access to group chat (platform to be decided within the group)
  • 10% discount on initial month of 1:1 packages for teen and/or parenting coaching
I ask that all members set the intention of attending all 8 sessions. This space will become a community when you are all showing up as fully as you can.

Please Note: This membership community is not a substitute for 1:1 coaching, therapy, academic coaching, or tutoring. It is not a guarantee that the transition from high school to college will be easy-breezy. Life is a process, and this group is one layer of support that high school seniors can access.

This said, it is my commitment and promise that I will show up 100% of the time to facilitate this community with care, love, concern, attention, and a passion for uplifting the teenage experience.

Who: High School Seniors 

What: An online community for support, connection, and tools because YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Where: ONLINE (aka from the comfort of your home) via Zoom 

When: Mondays at 7:15pm- 8:30pm CST beginning March 30 and ending May 18 (5:15 PST, 6:15 MST, 8:15 EST)

Why: High school seniors who are preparing for college deserve a space outside of school and family that allows them to be curious, connect, and learn new strategies. AND building community can be fun!

Investment: In order to make this offering accessible for anyone who is interested in this support and community, I am offering sliding scale rates. The scale is intended to be a guide, inviting each of us to take inventory of our financial resources and look deeper at our levels of privilege. It is a way to challenge the classist and capitalist society we live in and work towards economic justice. While I ask you to take these factors into consideration, please don’t stress about it. Pay what feels right.

The sliding scale is $15-$55/session*.

Consider paying less on the scale if your family:

  • has significant debt
  • receives public assistance
  • has immigration-related expenses
  • is a single-parent household
  • has medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • includes a returning citizen who has been denied work due to incarceration history 

Consider paying more on the scale if your family:

  • owns the home you live in
  • has investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money
  • travels recreationally
  • has access to family money and resources in times of need
  • works part time or is single-income by choice
  • has a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education (or gender and racial privilege, class background, etc.) 

If you are unsure which narrative most closely describes your family, I encourage you to open a conversation with your parents. And, ultimately, I want you and your family to make an investment that feels meaningful, accessible, and intentional.

*If the sliding scale of $15-$50/session is inaccessible for you, please reach out directly if you would like to access the Community Coaching Fund. Nobody is turned away for lack of funds.

All participants should commit to and pay for all 8 sessions. There will be no refunds for classes that are not attended. You will still have access to the shared group and will continue to receive group emails. 

If you are a curious about whether this group is a good fit for you, please email me to schedule a 15-consultation

Connect with you soon! 

About Your Facilitator

As a Life Coach for Teens and Parents, Courtney helps young people get out of worry, isolation, and anxiety and into connection. Through coaching, tweens and teens have the opportunity to explore their sense of self and personal power. With a Master’s in Special Education, and 10 years of teaching experience and 3 years in private practice, Courtney brings vast knowledge of the teenage brain and effective family interventions to her work. Courtney also draws from the Positive Discipline framework to support parents in using kind but firm methods for leading their children and teens. Clients who work with Courtney have the opportunity to connect more deeply to themselves and others, ultimately resulting in improved communication, deeper trust, and greater peace.

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