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3 Ways to Honor and Celebrate Yourself

A few weeks back, I was talking with a young adult client about the ways they show up for themself. We talked about setting and reaching goals and the ways they are developing new, deeper levels of self-awareness. During the conversation, they reflected, “I don’t celebrate myself enough.”

Can you relate?

I sure can! When I think about celebrating myself, thoughts and questions start to flood my mind. I think of everything from, “But, I don’t want to brag,” to “How do I even do this?!” to “Who wants to hear about my ‘wins’ anyway?!” to “I don’t really know what this really means.”

What Does it Mean to Celebrate Myself?

You can probably recall some pretty significant ups and downs from the last year or so. There are feelings you might label heavy and or light, experiences that you describe as positive or negative, and memories that are sad or joyful and everything in between (and all mixed up sometimes, too).

You have the right to express ALL of these sensations, and furthermore, you can find great strength in this process– by celebrating yourself!

Through all of your challenges and successes, I invite you to Stop. Breathe. Feel. and to give yourself credit. See, it is not just the “big” things that you can honor, it’s every step you take in your journey.

This is what celebrating yourself is all about– slowing down, noticing your experiences, and acknowledging yourself.

How Do I Celebrate Myself?

Life can feel like a whole bunch of to-do lists and deadlines and requirements and blah blah blah. Right?!

But, you have the opportunity to witness yourself and the incredible journey you are on. This is how you begin to celebrate yourself!

When you pause and check-in, you’ll start to recognize the steps you’ve taken over the last day or week or year to get where you are at this moment.

There is so much power and strength in naming! Naming the progress you’ve made, the skills you’ve learned, the habits you’ve formed, and so on.

While there are no right or wrong ways to celebrate yourself, I recommend doing it often and consistently. This practice will support you in developing awareness, gratitude, and self-love.

3 tips for Celebrating Yourself:

  1. Celebrate big and little “wins!” You get to decide what to celebrate. Think broadly and generously about your celebrations. Yes, winning an award or getting admitted to college are accomplishments worth celebrating, AND finishing a book or beginning a painting or attending a new dance class or going fishing or studying hard for a test are also worth celebrating. (The truth is, you are always doing wayyyyyy more than you give yourself credit for!)
  2. Celebrate privately AND in community. Some celebration rituals can be kept private, just for you. Perhaps you use a journal or meditation or chocolate (one of my faves). These celebrations can be a special or intimate way for you to grow self-kindness and self-love. Other times, it can feel freeing and fun to share your celebrations out loud with friends or family or via social media. Explore the wide range of ways you can give yourself credit, and continue to notice was feels supportive, helpful, and affirming.
  3. Schedule celebration time. Pick a routine for yourself that allows you to sit down, reflect, and name your celebrations. For example, pick a day of the week to journal about your accomplishments over the last week. Another idea is to write down a highlight or share a photo from the day each night before bed. It might take some time and trial and error before you decide on a routine that suits you, and that’s okay!

I wish you so much joy, fun, and celebration! As you begin the process of celebrating yourself, you may find a need or desire to connect with others around you, and I invite you to explore this guide to building your support system.  You are unique and incredible, and today is a good day to celebrate you!

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  1. Hélia

    Sou Hélia Navirele , Natural de Nampula . Já vivi momentos muito marcantes durante o meu percurso. Lenbro me que uma vez . Fiquei doente . E perde uma aula .se jornadas científicas . E docente de introdução a gestão. Pediu para que fizéssemos um relatório sobre o que havia acontecido naquele dia, e minha colega e amiga ela participou. Pedi para ela para que eu le-se o relatório dela para eu poder me informar. Ela tratrou me duma forma. Que bem acreditei que havia acontecido aquilo. Mais pela graça de Deus superei . Consegui fazer meu relatório mesmo que eu não tenha participado nas jornadas. E dei me bem no meu relatório. Já foi agredida quando ia a faculdade no dia de exame. Rasgaram minhas roupas , mais mesmo assim consegui fazer o exame. Cheguei quase 30minutos para terminar o exame .mesmo assim consegui passar com 13 valores. Já superei muito. E muito mais.

  2. Neima

    Gostei muito mais muito mesmo da experiência, afinal, tenho muito a celebrar sobre mim e é um previlégio, a partir de hoje vou valorizar-me mais pois sou uma benção e tenho muito que ensinar.

  3. Letíssia carlos chipane

    Eu Letíssia carlos chipane, congratulo-me por ser essa mulher forte e firme na busca dos meus sonhos🎊 alegro me de todos os momentos que não desisti do meu legado💪🏾. Sim eu sou forte. Nas minhas quedas sempre usei-as de força para continuar a lutar e vencer. Pois embora nem sempre conseguimos vencer. O caminho é para frente. Esperança é o ganho da minha victória🙏.

    1. Milda Come

      A vida é uma festa, e realmente é importante que a gente celebre cada Victoria (pequena ou grande) porque no final é tudo isso que vai formar a nossa história. Eu aprendi deste pedaço bastante rico, que o auto-julgamento destrói e ofusca a nossa capacidade de ver as nossas raised forças. Percebo que é valioso estar atenta ao que podemos fazer fazer, que Silva não só a nós (dando-nos satisfação) , mas também a comu unidade.

  4. Mayla Mussagy

    Wow, I really loved this article.

    When I first started reading I was like “what do I even have to celebrate about myself? “. I was just focusing on the big accomplishments. But now I see that I have been doing so much daily.

    Thank you for this. Thanks to Rise&Shine that I get to be here. Thumbs up for GirlMOVE Academy.

    1. Courtney Harris Coaching

      I love this reflection! Thanks for sharing with me. Yes, the daily steps matter so much. 🙂

  5. Selma Adão

    love my course, I love going to college, being with my colleagues, I love being with mine because I feel comfortable.
    in my free time I like to be at home, surfing my cell phone, being connected to social networks, watching movies and that does me a lot of good. I celebrate my victories and sorrows, smiling with my head held high and I always say that I can..

    1. Courtney Harris Coaching

      Beautiful! Thank you for sharing about your process!

      1. Olga Pedro Tamele

        Olga Pedro Tamele, eu sou mulher mais forte, amo❤ me de maneira que sou. Sou maravilhosa, carinhosa, atenciosamente e sou linda. Sou capaz de vencer todo obstáculo. Obrigada girl move. beijo.

  6. Yolanda Dema

    Celebrating Yourself,
    The Life, health, beautiful family
    My Job
    GRADUATION 2021 * Economist

    1. Courtney Harris Coaching

      Thanks for sharing your celebrations with me! I can tell you are proud of yourself. 🙂

  7. Cecília Inguane

    Hi. My name is Cecilia and I loved this tips, now I know that I must celebrate everything that happens in my life, the small and the big ones all them are important. Thank you for reminding me how bigger I am.

    1. Courtney Harris Coaching

      Thanks for taking the time to read and share! 🙂 Glad you are here!

  8. Isaltina Portugal

    Eu Isaltina Portugal, tenho o orgulho por ser essa mulher forte e firme na busca dos meus objetivos. Cai diversas vezes mas levantei com mais forca ainda para construir o meu império. Sim eu sou forte.

  9. Nhatsave Naira

    Meu nome é Naira, e até antes de eu ler o conteúdo achava que até então os meus feitos não são de tamanha celebração, porém, desde já congratulo-me por ter chegado aonde cheguei e ter feito o que fiz. Obrigada

  10. Stela Gujamo

    I really love this article, we do much things and always forget to celebrate ourselves. I think if we didn’t take time to appreciate our own journey we will die thinking we are failed.
    Thanks to remember us this precious lesson.

    King regards

    1. Courtney Harris Coaching

      Thank you for joining me in this practice! 🙂

  11. Dinoca Quive

    Wow, I am glad to be part of this wonderful program and find this amazing article thats inspire me to celebrate this beautiful life I have.
    I am really greatful to be who I am , what I have achieved and the great person I will continue to be.
    Lets celebrate this amazing woman , you and

    1. Courtney Harris Coaching

      Wow, this is so kind of you to share your words and celebrate yourself here. Thank you!

  12. Salome Chauque

    Thank you for the article, its very much needed in these times and one can get lost in doing so many things that you get lost in it all. I will start to celebrate myself more 🙂

    1. Courtney Harris Coaching

      I’m so glad this can be helpful! 🙂 You deserve to be celebrated!

  13. Chelcia Amado jone

    Eu Chelcia Amado Jone, celebro todos os dias pela dádiva de acordar com saúde e pelo simples facto de ser um ser iluminado e compartilhar essa luz com as pessoas a minha volta.
    Já passei por momentos terríveis e até pensei em desistir porque achei que não dava mais, chorei rios, lamentei tanto mas um dia eu disse que chega já não queria mais aquilo para mim e decidi procurar ajuda e graças a Deus tive pessoas com vontade de ajudar e superei tudo aquilo e hoje não passa de um aprendizado que levarei para vida toda.

  14. Albernícia Zaina Arlindo matavele

    Sou Albernícia Zaina, e o simples facto de estar viva para mim, é umas grandes vitórias que poderia ter, mas em meio a esta vida, ja tive/passei por coisas muito suficantes, perdi pessoas que eu mais amava neste mundo, até ai, tento superar e me reerguer, entrar no ensino superior, me fez ver o quão longe eu ia, mas pensei em desistir no meio à caminnhada, várias situações mesmo lamentáveis, e mesmo assim, nunca desisti, tentei abrir um negócio, sem fundo nenhum, tava indo tão bem, mas “fracasei” descansei pois nao tinha mais forças para continuar, até que os incentivos de pessoas importantes chegaram, e hoje considero me uma pessoa vitoriosa, porque insisti, persisti e nunca desiste, acreditei em mim e no meu potencial. TUDO POSSO

  15. Vania Graciano

    A vida celebrada vale mais
    Todos temos motivos grandes, mesmo sendo insignificantes, eu celebro pelas composocoes por mim feitas, as musicas, CDs gravados, os artigos incritos. Celebro so notas negativas que me levaram a melhorar muito, as positivas que me orgulharam muito… enfim, eu celebro tudo para meu bem estar emocional e fisico. EU SOU CAPAZ, EU CONSIGO, EU POSSO, EU VOU ALEM…por isso devo focar-me no meu potencial.

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