Real Talk for Teens: Naming Your Support System

Life is full of ups and downs, and the truth is, it's always going to be this way. Along the journey, our emotions will fluctuate, some days we'll call "good" and others we'll call "bad," and we will experience a wide range of successes and challenges.Through it all, though, we need support-- all of us! Today, I'll give you some ideas and tools for naming your own, individualized support system.

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Real Talk for Teens: Back to School

This article is an invitation for teen readers to self-reflect and visualize a positive back to school experience. You are invited to create a vision of yourself living your best life next school year. This visualization is one that you can return to any time you start to feel bummed out or anxious or overwhelmed before school starts. It can also be used when you are at school, and you’ve caught an emotion that is weighing on you or keeping your mind in a place of worry. Furthermore, you can create and invest in this visualization as a safe space for you to access, a way to comfort and take care of yourself.

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