Loving Your Teenage Self: An Everyday Practice for Parents

Today’s blog is experiential, an opportunity to be mindful and observant. The tools I share today come from a meditation I use in my personal life, as well as with my clients. “Loving Your Teenage Self” is a practice I teach parents; it’s a pathway into self-care, as well as connection with your children and teens.

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Honoring Your Needs in 2018: Questions for Teens and Parents

Today, I’m offering my personal meditation on 2017, an account of navigating (and thriving in) the world as a highly sensitive, empathic, and introverted person. My personal practice is very similar to (and, in fact, informs) the ways I teach and coach, especially when I have the opportunity to serve teens or parents with needs similar to mine.

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Talking Sticks and Sharing Circles

"I decided to bring the idea of the Sharing Circle into our family – as a way to share what is on our minds, to solve problems and to come to decisions. In order for everyone to have equal opportunity in being heard, I felt we would all need representation on our Talking Stick."

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Reinvigorate Communication in Your Family with “Circles!”

Families are dynamic, ever-changing, and encompass a wide range of perspectives and preferences. Restorative Practices, a co-created system for family-community-building and conflict management, can be powerful, healing tools for appreciating family dynamics. Today, I share the “Family-Building Circle 101” with you!

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Talking to Teenagers… About Romantic Relationships

Uh oh, did this title cause you to tense up a bit in your chest? Did your shoulders creep up towards your ears? And... did you have a strong desire to keep reading? You are not alone. Keep reading for 7 ways to talk to teenagers about boundaries and romantic relationships.

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Talking to Teens… About Friendship

Friendship is complex, just like family relationships. There are many layers of needs, preferences, pressures, expectations, and ambiguities to navigate. I have 5 strategies for talking to teens about friendship. These drive meaningful dialogue and invite your teen to develop their sense of empowerment.

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