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How to Engage in Anti-Racism Work: 70+ Resources for Teens

This is a guide for people who want to explore various ways of studying, practicing, and showing up for anti-racism work. While these resources are geared towards teens and young adults, this guide includes resources for people of all ages, races, and abilities. In order to center Black voices, the majority of the resources shared in this guide are created and/or link directly to the work of Black creators, educators, and activists.

If you are a white-identifying person, please know that Black, Indigenous, and people of color have been doing this work long before us. As a white, able-bodied, young, middle-class, hetero-presenting, cis woman, I know that the movement needs me to listen, learn, and do better.

Resistance is NOT a one-lane highway” – Lindsay Young 

This guide offers 12 different subheadings; each one focuses on a specific category of anti-racism practices. Within each category, you will find several links to resources, along with the type of medium (IG post, TikTok, article, etc.). As Lindsay Young says above, there is not just one way to do this work. This guide presents only some of the ways we might engage in this life-long journey. You might have other beautiful ideas or resources to add to this list, and I welcome you to do so in the comments below or by contacting me directly.

As you explore this guide, take note of what you’ve already been doing, notice what makes you feel excited, and consider what your limits may be. We have each arrived here with different backgrounds, privileges, disadvantages, capacities, abilities, and interests, and we are ALL needed.

Listen to Calls to Action from BIPOC:

“What Do We Do Now?” A Starting Point for Budding Revolutionaries to Turn Your Anger into Action by Chanice A. McClover-Lee (IG post)

10 Ways Teens Can Help Fight Again Racial Injustice by Katrina Leggins (IG post)

Want to help us but you’re a minor? by maroon (TikTok)

Beyond the Hashtag: How to Take Anti-Racist Action in Your Life by Zyahna Bryant for TeenVogue (article)

On being an ally and accomplice to Black friends by bk.bap (TikTok)

Ways non-black people can socially transition into a long-term movement by lily someson (IG post)

26 Ways to Be in the Struggle Beyond the Streets (ezine)

So You’ve Posted on Instagram, Now What? by Kara Roselles (IG Post)

4 Ways Sick and Disabled White Folks Can Show Up for Anti-Racism by Katie Tastrom (article)

Circulation Does Not Necessarily Mean Education by neopetz (IG post)

Do the Inner/Quieter Work:

#ExpressiveWriting Prompts to Use If You’ve Been Accused of #WhiteFragility #SpiritualBypass or #WhitePrivilege by Leesa Renee Hall (article + journal prompts)

Reflect on and get families with The 7 Circles of Whiteness by Alishia McCullough (IG post)

Read and journal your way through Me and White Supremacy by Layal F. Saad (book– journaling required)

My Role in a Social Change Ecosystem by Deepa Iyer (IG post)

Pyramid of Accountability Reflection by Britt Hawthorne (IG post)

Participate in Direct Actions/Protests/Marches:

A comprehensive guide and links to lawyers, first aid, data security, and more collected by Black Lives Matter

Asking your parents about attending a protest by Jassmin Abdel-Magied(TikTok)

Protesting and Pandemic Prevention by Frontline Medics (IG Post)

How to Protest Safely During a Pandemic by Katie Way of Vice (article)

Protest Safety by Cassie Leventhal and Sarah Kay (IG Post)

Teargas Safety by Cassie Leventhal and Sarah Kay (IG Post)

Individual First Aid Kits by What Are My Rights? (IG Post)

Safety During Protest (1-page guide)

How to Be an Activist When You’re Unable to Attend Protests by Amnesty International (article)

How to Organize a Kids Protest March for Black Lives Matter by Dee Dee McKee (article)

Tend to Your Nervous System:

How to Rest and Recover While You Fight for Socal Change by Cassandra Corrado (IG Post- available in English and Spanish)

Self-care During a Revolution by Melanin & Mental Health®️ (IG post)

Find a therapist that celebrates your identity through Inclusive Therapists (online directory + blog)

Find an Anti-Racism Therapist by Melanin & Mental Health®️ (IG post)

Black mental health resources compiled by To Write Love on Her Arms

Raise your Voice– VOTE, Sign, Write, Text, Call:

Create, Appreciate, or Buy Art:

Spoken word by Kay Carrington

“Entitled” song by Aint Afraid

Stickers with 70% proceeds donations to funds/charities created by Dawn

Black is Beautiful poem by 7 yr old Nylah from the UK (IG post)

BLM song written and performed by Naima Nascimento age 10 (IG post)

Read Anti-Racism Books:

Books to read this summer about African American life collected by taylorcassidyj (TikTok)

Listen to Stamped From The Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi FREE on Spotify (audiobook)

24 New and Forthcoming Books That Celebrate Black Lives by Jennifer Baker for Electric Literature

Social Justice Books for Teens compiled by the Seattle Public Library 

Social Justice Books Young Readers Editions compiled by Social Justice Books

“How can I help?” Learn what we’re fighting for by Heather Chelan (TikTok)

Free Online PDF Copies of Black Revolutionary Texts by Black Authors and Activists compiled by Mark Yabut (IG post)

Watch Anti-Racism Movies/Shows:

The Anti-Racist Starter Pack: 40 TV Series, Documentaries, Movies, TED Talks, and Books to Add to Your List by Brea Baker (list)

19 Anti-Racist Movies and TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now by Paulina Jayne Isaac (article/list)

“How can I help?” Learn what we’re fighting for by Heather Chelan (TikTok)

Listen to Anti-Racism Songs/Playlists:

BLM Playlist collected by Bri Craig, LMFT-A 

Aja Imani’s shakedown playlist. Plus, a little “why” and “how” shaking might help you

HELL YOU TALMBOUT by Janelle Monae

Black, Queer, and Proud playlist by Spotify

Talk to Your Friends and Family:

How to ask for consent when talking about racism (IG post)

Why Talking to Your White Family About Black People is the Wrong Approach by Sonya Renee Taylor (IG TV)

how to not communicate with people of the global majority by Liz Kleinrock (IG Post)

Oww, Ouch!: How to Apologize by Killing Georgina (article)

Use Your Privilege: Why You Shouldn’t Unfollow Your Racist “Friend” by Kara Roselles (IG post)

Pay Reparations + Donate Monday and/or Supplies:

Do your research before you donate. Many big organizations are well-funded, so look into hyper-local organizations, efforts, and mutual funds as well as crowd-funded campaigns. 

These are some organizations to look into, as well as some that are already substantially funded. (IG post)

Check out these ways to donate WITHOUT spending money. Donate while playing games or streaming a playlist!

Another BLM playlist that generates donations through ads.

Make an Ongoing Reparations Plan by tiff (IG post)

Look for local mutual aid groups that are collecting supplies for direct actions and/or local families.

Research Topics You Care About related to race/anti-racism.

These are just a few ideas of topics, but we need all hands on deck, so take on the topics that interest you most. These links take you to just ONE resource for exploration. There is so much more out there, so please do your own searching too.

Why racism is a queer issue by Alexander Leon (IG post)

Abolish youth incarceration: VR Experience of childhood incarceration in the United States by Project Witness (YouTube)

Reproductive Justice by Women Have Options/ Ohio (IG post)  

Black Birthing Justice by 4Kira4moms (IG post)

Defunding the police/Building a Police-Free Future by MPD_150(IG post)

Abolish the prison industrial complex by Feministastic (IG post)

Getting police out of schools (website)

Reparations. This is just one source of info by The Ally Ship (IG post)

Mutual aid/Community Care by Studio Two Three (IG post)

Support Black-Owned Businesses:

Look for a list of Black-owned businesses in your local area and/or online.

600+ Black-Owned Etsy Shops (lists)

Black-owned Beauty Brands (IG post)

LBGTQ+ Pride Apparel from Black-Owned Businesses (IG post)

Here’s a guide to Black-owned restaurants for folks in Austin, TX. (IG post)– look for one in your area!

Buy books from Black-owned bookstores. (lists)

Take an Online Class:

“Juneteenth – An Exploration of the Celebration of Freedom” on June 17; taught by Sherri A. Mehta, Ph.D. (online class)

A History of Policing: An Online Class for Ages 12-18; begins on June 18; taught by Chicago Freedom School and Assata’s Daughters (online class)

Anti-Racism Training by Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso; FREE signup through June 30 

If you have additional resources you would like to submit to this guide, please reach out directly. I will prioritize resources created by and centered on Black voices.

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