As a Child-Centered Coach, this dynamic work with Courtney focuses on growing connection, communication, empathy, and trust from the inside out.


I work with tweens, teens, and their families to build pathways to deeper connection, communication, and ease. As a life coach for teens and parents, I support and guide families through

I work 1:1 with teens and tweens to grow out of anxiety and into confidence. Rather than just surviving these years, my clients thrive as they develop and renew an authentic sense of self and a strong, intentional voice.

As an experienced educator, having taught grades 1-12 in a wide range of subject areas, I have mentored over 1,000 young people. I have a strong background in Social and Emotional Learning, Restorative Practices, and Yoga and Mindfulness and utilize this expertise as a foundation in my work with families.

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