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3 Ways to Embrace and Achieve Your Goals

What goals or projects are you currently working towards? I’m using these terms broadly because any part of your life that requires sustained, ongoing attention and effort may be considered a goal or project. AND this means you are likely to face challenges and “wins.”

1. Take One Step at a Time

When you have big goals in mind or big projects on your plate, things can start to feel overwhelming. Clients I’m working with are currently taking steps towards new jobs, college apps, connecting with new friends, trying out new extracurriculars, and getting a driver’s license.

Each of these end goals requires lots of small steps. Thus, if you are working on a big goal or project, know that you will get there one step at a time. Furthermore, it’s important to know that the steps aren’t always linear. Most of the time, you will have to do some zig-zagging, trial and error, and/or “failing,” before reaching an end goal. Not only is this totally normal, it’s also fruitful! We learn so much from the moments when things are not working as we anticipate.

What’s your next small step?

2. Return to Your Purpose

As I support clients who are working through big goals and projects– college applications, job searches, working through driver’s ed, and connecting with new friends.– I invite them to pause and notice their energy.

Big goals and projects often involve a lot of logistics, and these details can start to feel heavy. For example, the application to-do list and campus visits, scheduling interviews and writing cover letters, the boring driver’s ed curriculum, figuring out the social “norms,” and all of the other logistics can start to feel unending.⁠

I notice that clients often feel bogged down by how much they have to do, and sometimes, they feel like they are just going through the motions. Therefore, throughout your work on a big goal or project, it’s important to check in with your purpose, your why. Here, you can remember what motivated or inspired you to take this goal or project on. You might adapt and ask yourself questions like:⁠

– What parts of college are you excited about? ⁠
– What values are driving your
job search? ⁠
– How will
driving enhance your life? ⁠
– What feels good about
your new connections?⁠

What purpose are you returning to today?

3. Celebrate Yourself

A crucial part of embracing and achieving your goals is celebration! In my opinion, we aren’t taught how to celebrate ourselves.

Celebrating yourself is all about slowing down, noticing your experiences, and acknowledging yourself and your journey. Because life can be so fast-paced and because we are often taught to do more or work harder, the seemingly simple act of pausing can be quite powerful and even healing.

While working towards a big goal or project, it’s important to celebrate the small things AND the big things. All of the steps you have taken count! The purpose that inspires you is worthy! This means, that there is always something for you to celebrate.

You’ve Got This

Each goal and project will bring up new challenges and new growth. Yet, with each new adventure, you will be futher along than the last time, and all of the skills you’ve learned along the journey will support you. Keep taking steps forward, remember your purpose, and celebrate yourself– you’ve got this!

As you take on new and hard goals and projects, you may enjoy documenting your support system. You are loved and supported, my friend!

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