How To Make Your Holidays Peaceful And Easeful

How To Make Your Holidays Peaceful And Easeful

The Energy of Holidays and Special Events

Holidays, special events, and celebrations can bring up a great deal of stress, overwhelm, overcommitment, and exhaustion. Yet, these experiences can also be a time of deep connection, presence, love, and joy.

While talking with a client last week, she shared that the winter holidays typically feel like a race to the finish line. She described that there’s a constant need to DO, and that being able to relax into the present moment feels challenging, and often inaccessible. Next, this mother rattled off her running to-do list. While reflecting, she acknowledged that her list helps her stay organized, but it also weighs on her and stresses her out.

This experience is not unfamiliar to me. As an organizer, planner, and initiator in my family life and personal life, I know to-do lists and future-planning well. I’m also privy to the impulse and coping mechanism to DO, DO, DO, which makes it challenging to just BE. Thus, this is an aspect of my life that I nurture with meditation, writing, and boundaries on a daily basis.

Can you relate?

I certainly don’t want to diminish the ways that holidays and special events can be sacred, special, and moving. Furthermore, I know that despite the perceived or created busyness of it all, family celebrations and rituals can be a time of tradition, coming together, joy, love, and connection.

In fact, this is what I want more of! This is what I hear parents needing for themselves and their families! This is where we can put more of our energy and attention.


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The Power of Intentions

No matter what your past holidays and celebrations have been like, and no matter where you fall on the spectrum of stress and ease as you anticipate the next event, intention-setting can be a powerful practice. Intentions will support you in staying clear and grounded both individually and as a family.

Intention-setting for family celebrations and holidays can involve visualizing and naming your ideal experience, whether that be peaceful, joyful, loving, etc.. As you set intentions, you engage in self-reflection, as well as tapping into the energy of possibility. An intention can be an anchor that supports you in balancing your energy, especially when it comes to giving and receiving.


The Intention-Setting Process

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