Real Talk for Teens: What Does it Mean to Celebrate Yourself?!

Real Talk for Teens: What Does it Mean to Celebrate Yourself?!


A few weeks back, I was talking with a 23-year old client about the ways she is showing up for herself, setting and reaching goals, and developing new, deeper levels of self-awareness. During the conversation, she reflected, “I don’t celebrate myself enough.”

Can you relate?

I sure can! When I think about celebrating myself, thoughts and questions start to flood my mind. I think of everything from, “I don’t want to brag,” to “How do I even do this?!” to “Who wants to hear about my ‘wins’ anyway?!” to “I don’t really know what this really means.”


What Does it Mean to Celebrate Myself?

You can probably recall some pretty significant ups and downs from 2018 thus far. There are feelings you might label heavy and or light, experiences that you describe as positive or negative, and memories that are sad or joyful and everything in between (and all mixed up sometimes, too). You have the right to express ALL of these sensations, and furthermore, you can find great strength in this process– by celebrating yourself!

Through all of your challenges and successes, you deserve to Stop. Breathe. Feel. and to give yourself credit. See, it is not just the “big” things that you can honor, it’s every step you take in your journey.

This is what celebrating yourself is all about– slowing down, noticing your experiences, and acknowledging yourself.


How Do I Celebrate Myself?

Life can feel like a whole bunch of to-do lists and deadlines and requirements and blah blah blah. Right?! But, you have the opportunity to witness yourself and the incredible journey you are on. This is how you begin to celebrate yourself! When you slow down and notice, you’ll start to recognize the steps you’ve taken over the last day or week or year. You’ll feel moved to recognize yourself and your efforts.

And there is so much power and strength in naming! Name the progress you’ve made, the skills you’ve learned, the habits you’ve formed, and so on.

While there are no right or wrong ways to celebrate yourself, I recommend doing it often and consistently. This practice will support you in developing self-awareness and falling deeper in love with the journey of life.



3 tips for Celebrating Yourself:

  1. Celebrate big and little “wins!” You get to decide what to celebrate. Invite yourself to think broadly and generously about your celebrations. Yes, winning an award or getting admitted to college are accomplishments worth celebrating, AND finishing a book or beginning a painting or attending a new dance class or going fishing or studying hard for a test are also worth celebrating. (The truth is, you are always doing wayyyyyy more than you give yourself credit for!)
  2. Celebrate privately AND publicly. Some celebration rituals can be kept private, just for you. This can be a special or intimate way for you to grow self-kindness and self-love. Other times, it can feel freeing and fun to share your celebrations out loud with friends or family or via social media. Explore the wide range of ways you can give yourself credit, and continue to notice was feels supportive, helpful, and affirming.  
  3. Schedule celebration time. Pick a routine for yourself that allows you to sit down, reflect, and name your celebrations. For example, pick a day of the week to journal about your accomplishments over the last week. Another idea is to write down a highlight from the day each night before bed.

I wish you so much joy, fun, and celebration on this journey! As you begin the process of celebrating yourself, you may find a need or desire to connect with others around you, and I invite you to explore this guide to building your support system.  You are unique and incredible, and today is a good day to celebrate you!

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