Individualized Coaching for Teens and Parents

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Courtney works directly with tweens, teens, and young adults who are ready to grow their confidence, own their voices, develop resilience, and thrive, not just survive, these transitional years of life. Coaching offers teenage clients the invaluable time and space to explore their inner and outer worlds and to show up in empowered ways.


Parents of tweens, teens, and young adults who work with Courtney are supported in developing strong family communication, consistent self-care practices, and actions that honor and nourish growth for self and child. Parenting coaching brings peace and ease into this often challenging and rapidly-changing time in parenthood.

Workshops and Speaking

Courtney loves sharing space with groups of tweens, teens, young adults, and parents. She delivers tailor-made workshops in person and online. Workshop topics include: Loving Yourself Out Loud; Happy, Healthy Friendships; Teens and Tech; Self-Care for Parents and Caregivers, and Restorative Practices for Families.

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What Clients are Saying

Alicia P.

Mother, Workshop Participant

Courtney met with my mother daughter group to lead a discussion about friendship. It was a lovely few hours, filled with honest conversation about what we expect from our friends, what we want to give and sharing experiences both good and bad. I felt like everyone (girls ages 9-11, plus the moms) came away feeling heard and having a little more empathy. It felt like a very positive way to set the stage for more learning and support for our daughters around such a tricky topic.

Father, Client

Courtney's coaching abilities were honed in the classroom where I watched her help troubled students and their families through the difficult trials of adolescence and high school. I've seen how her care and expertise has enabled kids to express feelings and share issues and thereby work toward resolving them. She's helped me with my own daughter who suffers from social anxiety and I've seen how I've opened up with her coaching and it has strengthened my relationship with my daughter. I recommend her to anyone who wants their kids to be successful.

Kelly L.

Mother, Client

I’m continually impressed and inspired by Courtney and how she presents herself and her work. She is clear, engaged, thorough, and thoughtful and she offers a WEALTH of resources, inspiration, and support. I am so happy I found her when I did, just as my daughter was entering the tween years. She has been a huge source of support and my experience of parenting my daughter has improved so much as a result of our work. I feel 100% confident (this is big) sending friends, clients, and students her way.

Mother, Client

Courtney is a wonderful influence on both of my daughters. She is loving, creative, respectful, and a problem-solver. She never talks down to my girls and treats them with the same respect and kindness she shows adults. She guides them with appropriate boundaries and excellent modeling of the kind of person I hope my kids grow up to be.

Tania G.

Mother, Client

Courtney has a magical way to communicate with kids. After working with Courtney, my daughter is aware of how she feels and she talks about it. This helps us work as a team as we navigate the sometimes dark waters of being a tween girl. Courtney will help you create a loving, peaceful communication flow with the most important people on Earth: your children.

The Power of Partnership:

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Resources and Support for Parents and Caregivers
Restorative Practices for Families

Live Events and Workshops with Courtney Harris Coaching

As a Life Coach for Teens and Parents and an educator of 10 years, I relish in opportunities to lead and facilitate in community settings. Workshops and speaking engagements, in particular, are a special way that I share my passions and wealth of knowledge with larger groups. I love collaborating with parents, educators, and community organizations to create event and workshop that bring each attendee into deeper connection.

Talking to Teenagers

Talking to Teenagers… About Stress

Teens who are experiencing stress may quickly change habits or routines, and when you become aware of this as the parent or caregiver, it can be easy to go into investigation-mode. You want to know what your teen is facing so that you can help them solve it and find relief. These moments require you to slow down, breathe deep, and focus on connection first; keep reading for strategies on how to talking to your teenager about their stress and overwhelm.

Talking to Teenagers

Talking to Teenagers… About Decision-Making

Have you witnessed your teen in the midst of decision-making anxiety? They may have been struggling to make a choice about anything from whether or not they should go to the school dance, to what they wanted to eat for dinner, to which courses to take next semester, to how they wanted to dress for school. Indecision can arise over things small and seemingly irrelevant, hugely impactful, and anywhere in between. Keep reading for 5 Ways to Help Your Teen Make a Decision when they feel stuck.

Self-Care for Parents

I’m Anxious. Now What?!

Two words that I hear often from my clients are "I'm anxious." I’ve written before on Talking to Teenagers About Mental Health, and because this topic is worthy of occupying space and needs to be destigmatized, I'm revisiting it. Keep reading for 35 Healing Tools for Times of Anxiety and Depression.

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